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Who is Bill Rausch? Bill has been a broker since 1998. He started GrainTracker Marketing in 2010. Prior to that he was in the livestock feed business for 10 years where he enjoyed working with producers and where he developed an interest in helping them with their marketing. Bill received an Animal Science degree from the University of Illinois in 1983.
Who is Tim DeValle? Tim grew up in Western Massachusetts where he graduated from the Univ of Massachusetts, which is one of the original Land Grant Colleges with a degree in Economics. After graduating, he worked for 17 years in the insurance and investment business as a registered representative with MML Investor Services, eventually focusing on business insurance and financial planning. In 2000, Tim moved to Boca Raton, Florida and became a commodity broker in 2001. His wife, Donna, is an active participant in their business and they spend time with their two grandchildren who reside nearby. Using his background, he helps his customers formulate and execute a personal marketing plan incorporating the futures markets to offset risk.
Who is Jeremy Knutson? Jeremy has lived in Albert Lea, MN 'forever'. He graduated from Glenville-Emmons High school in 1993, then graduated from Northern Iowa Area Community College in 1995 with a Degree in Ag. Management. He's been a commodity broker since 1995.
Who is Terry Sweitzer? Terry grew up in rural Northwerstern Illinois. He has 14 years of working with and learning from a variety of marketing and hedging companies. He has experience with the cash grain markets and is a crop insurance agent. He takes his unique approach to the markets and assists business minded producers in protecting and improving their bottom lines. His crop insurance website is:
Who is Steve Stark? Steve has been working on the commercial side through owning an elevator in Iowa, originating for an ethanol plant, and most recently, as a grain merchandiser. He'll bring to his customers a knowledge base from these areas along with his marketing experience.