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Ramblings is designed with the busy farmer in mind. You have better things to do than spending hours reading a newsletter. We sort through the clutter and share with you the key information that is driving the markets. We also provide you with some overall daily market news as well as marketing suggestions to help you make sensible marketing decisions.

BEAT THE MARKETER Real Time Accountability; You see my sales throughout the marketing year.
Overview of the Markets The key news that is driving the markets is mentioned.
Weather Updates Report of the US Ag Belt weather as well as Brazil and Argentina is in the Newsletter. Weather maps are kept on the website.
Technical Analysis Brief technical analysis of the grain markets.
Marketing Recommendations Food for Thought in how I am making my Beat The Marketer decisions.
USDA Report Day Synopsis given to you as soon as I can read the the release. We'll send you this via phone message, twitter, and/or email.
Charts Quick reference for how the markets have been trading. There are other charts kept on the website.
"Action Alerts" An automated phone call and/or text when we think it is time to consider making a sale.
How often does the newsletter come to my email box? Ramblings comes to your email box on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Friday evenings.


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