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On this page we place resources that can assist farmers in making sensible marketing decisions. Just because you subscribe to Ramblings in no way means you need to have a brokerage account with us. You are free to call and discuss your marketing plan at any time; no pressure.

Consulting & Brokerage

consulting & brokerage

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Our Approaches to the market are many and we have our own thoughts even amongst our brokers.

Argentina & Brazil Data

Argentina & brazil trivia

a resource to understanding our South american competitors

This website has the futures prices:

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we appreciate their input

From time to time Bill comes across some "experts in their field" and appreciates them sharing insights.

  • George Vandevorde
  • has been a crop insurance professional for 'years' & is with the Bank of Iowa.
  • Terry Sweitzer
  • is a GrainTracker Marketing broker and crop insurance agent.

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RJO'Brien Equity Run Abbreviations:

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Puts, Calls, Spreads Explained:

Puts, Calls, Spreads